About Marco

Marco AB

Marco AB has gained through its 70 years of trading a vast experience in the sale and manufacture of lift tables. Development and modelling, design and production are activities totally undertaken in-house at the Ängelholm Plant.

An efficient and flexible production system enables Marco to satisfy customers’ particular requirements for tailor made lift tables. Customisation and special solutions are a frequent occurrence within Marco’s design and production.

Marco AB belongs to the holding companyMarco Group AB, a leading European manufacturer of lift tables.

Main offices and production facilities are located at Ängelholm, Sweden.

Several subsidiaries are present within the EU area. The subsidiaries are responsible for product marketing and sales within their own areas and develop minor or detailed nonstandard designs as well.

Agents and distributors undertake the care of the remaining world-wide sale of MarcoLift products.

Most of the Swedish manufacture is exported.


Lead the development, marketing and manufacturing of vertical positioning equipment for the
European market, by providing ergonomically sound, safe and trouble-free solutions that
improves productivity and allow users to focus on their core business.


Marco AB was founded 1935 by Mr. Sven Marcusson. Under the guidens from Mr. Sven Marcusson a number of constructions were developed. All in branch material handling, mostly all different types of wagons and trolleys.

• 1974 Mr. Sven Marcusson sold the company and Marco got new owners.

• 1975 Marco bought another manufacturer of lifting tables, Lyft and Transport AB.
By the end of the 70-ties the main products were lifting tables, wagons and tippers.

• 1987 started Marco BV, Holland and Marco AB became one of the owners.

• 1991 our former CEO, Mr Rolf Holmgren and five other persons bought the company. For the next coming years the company expanded heavily and the production and sales became more and more concentrated around the scissors lifting tables and tippers.

• 1994 Marco AB bought Jihab AB, a former manufacturer of scissors lifting tables.

• 1998 Marco AB became one of the owners at Saxon Lifts, England. Saxon Lifts is one of the leading manufacturer of custom-made scissors lifting tables in England.

• 1999 Marco AB bought Hymo AB, Sweden. Hymo AB is like Marco AB one of the leading manufacturer of scissors lifting tables in Europe.

• 2004 Marco Group becomes the major owner of Saxon Lifts, England.

• 2006 Marco AB becomes the major owner of our distributor in France, Marco Sarl.

• 2008 Marco AB started a new sale organization in Germany, MarcoGmbH.

• 2009 Marco AB moved the production plant from Åby to Ängelholm.

• 2009 Marco Group starts a production plant in Ningbo China to serve the Asian Market

• 2009 Marco AB bought MH modules in Ystad, Sweden. MH modules are specialists in roller conveyer systems.

• 2011 Marco Group AB started a new company in India, Marco Lift India Pvt. in Chennai.

• 2013 Marco Group AB started a new company in Brazil, Marco Lift Brazil Ltda. in Sao Paolo.

• 2014 Marco Group AB is the market leader of hydraulic lifting tables in Europe, with a turnover of approximately 30 million Euro and 180 employees.