Svetsare sökes till produktionen i Ängelholm

Vi svetsar mag i svartplåt, allt från 1,5 till 30 mm. Du ska kunna jobba självständigt efter ritning. Du ska ha goda kunskaper i svenska och engelska. Arbetstiderna är ca 14,00 till 23,45, måndag till torsdag varje vecka. Ansökan och eventuella frågor om tjänsten skickas till Jimmy.sjostrand@marco.se


Your privacy is our priority

Your privacy is our priority because we believe you must feel confident about how we manage your personal information. We aim to be as transparent as possible about the personal data we collect when we provide our services, about how we use it, and about who we share it with. With this in mind, we […]


Loading stations for Vanderlande

Marco has during last years delivered around 300 scissor lifts to Vanderlande Spain. The lifts are used as loading stations for different kind of gods which manually should be transfererad to a connecting conveyer. The scissor lifts enables the operator s to always work in the right height when manually picking the gods from the […]


Working Plattform for Scania

Table type: M2 010135-D4/2L Mechanical data Capacity 1000kg Platform size 4000×1400 mm Lift stroke 1350 mm Closed height 450 mm Description of use This scissor lifts is used as an working platform for operators. The lift is equipped with a railings and gates. Contact strips on railings in front and on the cut out in […]