Project: Saxon

Table type: M3-030160-D2K Mechanical data Capacity 3000 kg Platform size 2500 x 1800 mm (LxW) Frame size 2250 x 1630 mm (LxW) Lift stroke 1600 mm Lifting time 33 s Closed height 305 mm Weight 1168 kg Other Adjustable post for twin boom barrier. Push button box, gas spring and switch for boom barrier are […]


Project: Olten

Table type: M7 030543-D2 + M3,5 030112-D4/2L Mechanical data Capacity 3000 kg Platform size 9490 / 8895 x 1955 mm Frame size 8300 x 1560 mm Lift stroke 6550 mm (5430 / 1120) Lifting time 151 s (122 / 29) Closed height 1700 mm (850 / 340 + 510) Weight 11110 kg (7920 + 3190) […]


Project: Alfa

Work platform with two sliding floor boards Table type: M4-020146-D2 Mechanical data Capacity 2000kg Platform size 5600x3700mm (LxW) Frame size 4500x850mm (LxW) Lift stroke 1460mm Lifting time 51s Closed height 550mm (490+60) Weight 4382kg Other The table is intended to be used in the final check of large heat exchangers. To be able to get […]


Project: IVT

Driven table without frame Table type: M7,8-180280-D2 Mechanical data Capacity 18000kg Platform size 9000x2620mm (LxW) Frame size – Lift stroke 2800mm Lifting time – Closed height 725mm Weight 7985kg Other The table is intended to operate on a rail and is equipped with two electric engines for propulsion.