Project: IVT

Driven table without frame Table type: M7,8-180280-D2 Mechanical data Capacity 18000kg Platform size 9000x2620mm (LxW) Frame size – Lift stroke 2800mm Lifting time – Closed height 725mm Weight 7985kg Other The table is intended to operate on a rail and is equipped with two electric engines for propulsion.  


Project: IVT – 19000kg

Lift table with a capacity of 19000kg Table type: M7,8-190317-D2 Mechanical data Capacity 19000kg Platform size 9025x3400mm (LxW) Frame size 6000x2900mm (LxW) Lift stroke 3170mm Lifting time – Closed height 700mm Weight 9500kg Other Delivered without a hydraulic aggregate.


Project: BSS

Work platform with an attached stair Table type: M4,5-010175-D2 Mechanical data Capacity 1000kg Platform size 5400x2000mm (LxW) Frame size 3800x1760mm (LxW) Lift stroke 1750mm Lifting time 12s Closed height 350mm Weight 1143kg Other The elevating stairs is in the lower level horizontal to minimize the risk of getting tripped by the steps. In the upper […]