Project: BSS

Work platform with an attached stair

Table type: M4,5-010175-D2

Mechanical data

Capacity 1000kg
Platform size 5400x2000mm (LxW)
Frame size 3800x1760mm (LxW)
Lift stroke 1750mm
Lifting time 12s
Closed height 350mm
Weight 1143kg


The elevating stairs is in the lower level horizontal to minimize the risk of getting tripped by the steps.

In the upper level the stairs has a step height of 195mm. The geometry of the stairs is calculated so that the feeling when walking in it is good throughout the operation range. The parallelogram is designed to minimize the risk of getting squeezed while operating. The clearance is never less than 50mm for the toes to ensure that the regulations fulfils.

The own weight of the stair is 270kg.